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Vinyl Flooring Installation

Why Use Our Installers

Why use our installers you ask? Here is why...
A home is a sanctuary. A sanctuary where you want to relax, watch tv, or read a book. However, decorating can be a difficult thing to do. You want it to match your style and personality, while making it warm and inviting for visitors.

When you want a new flooring installed, Kemper Flooring has you covered. Our installers are kind, courteous, and professional people. They will answer any questions you have, from asking about moving your furniture to asking about how they know flooring and how long they have been installing. Each installer is known to be a perfectionist. They make sure that the job is done correctly the first time around. With this in mind, we do not set time limits for a job. If for some reason a job takes longer than anticipated, the installers will continue to work until the job is completed. If we have a new installer, they will always be partnered with an installer who has 5+ years of experience.

We take pride in our installers’ work. As it is stated above, a home is a sanctuary. When you purchase your new flooring, make sure to have it installed by Kemper Flooring. We treat our customers like family. Because, we are More… than just floors.  
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