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Healthier Home, A Better Future

Floorte ExquisiteAt Shaw, we don’t just make flooring. We know that short-term decisions have long-term impact. Where moments happen - big or small. We know that short term decision has a long term impact. We are driven to constantly improve and to do more good. Our vision is to create a better future for everyone. 

The effort matters because people matter.

“People are our priority. People are the core of our business. We touch lives every day - our products are the foundation upon which memories are made and millions of life events occur each day. Shaw Industries is mindful of the ingredients used in our products and adheres to Cradle to Cradle design principles. We invest in sustainability, healthy home and wellness initiatives, and can proudly deliver on our promise of creating a better future.”
Troy Virgo
Director of Sustainability & Product Stewardship

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